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Plant List

Plant List

Large Capacity Vertical CNC Milling2 off

DMF 220 Linear Vertical Machining Centre

X: 2200mm. Y: 560mm. Z: 720mm.
Number of Tools: 30 off
Siemens 840D Powerline Control with Shopmill Software.
Linear Rapid Traverse of 100 m/min
Renishaw Probe
A Deckel Maho Gildemeister Machine

Large Capacity Vertical CNC Milling1 off

DMC 104 linear Vertical Machining Centre

X: 1040mm. Y: 600mm. Z: 500mm.
Number of Tools: 30 off
Siemens 810 Powerline Control with Shopmill Software.
Linear rapid Traverse of 70 m/min
Renishaw Probe
A Deckel Maho Gildemeister Machine

Shopmill Software

All of our Vertical Machining Centres utilise Siemens control technology and run Shopmill Software for operator programming.

The VMC's are all electronically linked to each other, so that programmes can easily be moved from one machine to another.

Large Capacity Vertical CNC Milling3 off

XYZ VMC1060HS linear Vertical Machining Centre

(High Speed Vertical Milling Centre)

X: 1020mm. Y: 610mm. Z: 620mm.
Siemens 840D Shopmill Control with Shopmill Software
Rapid feed XYZ axis 43m/min Linear way
Renishaw Probe

CNC Turning1 off

Mazak QT200 linear Vertical Machining Centre

Horizontal CNC Lathe
Max Cutting Diameter: 250mm. Z: 1000mm.
Max Diameter through bore: 66mm

Large Capacity Machining Capacity 3 off

Girder Crane

Our girder cranes are capable of lifting up to 1000kg into the DMF 220 Linear Vertical Machining Centres, enabling us to lift large jobs up to 2200mm in length.

Quality Control With Renishaw Probe InspectionRenishaw Probes

All of our vertical milling machine centres are equipped with Renishaw OMP40 ultra compact probes. The probes are used for accurate tool measurement which improves machine output and ensures consistency. They can inspect key dimensions on the machine quickly and offsets can be automatically adjusted. The Renishaw probe has repeatability to 1.0 µm in all axis.
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